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Since 1990, Southern California has turned to Expert Computer Services & Systems for all of their personal, business and network computer needs. Our technicians and consultants are expertly trained & maintain on-going technical training certifications from such manufacturers as HP®, Dell®, Novell®, IBM  & Microsoft®, in addition to being an authorized Intel® Products Dealer.

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non.gif (1200 bytes) New equipment sales and installation

non.gif (1200 bytes) Business/Home Office sharing of data, printers and web-access

non.gif (1200 bytes) Wide-area networking to connect remote offices or users

non.gif (1200 bytes) Design and Implementation of DSL, Cable, T1, VPN connections

non.gif (1200 bytes) Computer, software, network troubleshooting and service/repair

non.gif (1200 bytes) Complete design/installation of cabling for voice and data

non.gif (1200 bytes) Consulting for an effective web presence and Internet e-commerce

non.gif (1200 bytes)     Network security & Wireless Internet Security

non.gif (1200 bytes)     Diagnosis, repair and removal of virus, adware and spyware corruption

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ECS will consistently deliver prompt, efficient service & thorough attention to details that are often overlooked by others. Our goal is for total customer satisfaction. Our repeat business and customer loyalty attests to our efforts. From single user desktop systems to local computer intranets and wide area networks, our experts can provide a solution that is appropriate for your business or personal computing needs. We gladly service & support most manufacturers' computer systems.   

ECS will provide the level of support you want, the quick response you need, and correct diagnosis at a very reasonable cost. We know how frustrating it is to have a computer problem and often times the technician's diagnosis, remedy and the bill are not appropriate or people-friendly. We'll explain to you as much as you'd like to know about your situation in very understandable terms.

The Internet has become a necessity in today's business environment as well as at home. We work closely with Internet Service Providers (ISP's) such as Verizon®, AT&T® (SBC), Cox Communications, America On Line®, CompuServe®, EarthLink® and others to solve the problems that can make the World Wide Web experience a lesson in world-wide frustration.  

Don't let our size fool you. Our well-defined coverage area, focus on small/medium sized businesses and residential service with convenient hours, assures you priority response without the priority cost. Today's computer and software problems can sometimes be solved with more than one solution. Our no-nonsense approach and extensive real world experience shows there is usually one solution that best does the job.

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Expert Computer Services and Systems

"Building Computing Partnerships"